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Barry O'Farrell's Recurring Memory Loss

The excuses are already being trotted out for Barry O'Farrell following his resignation for misleading ICAC about an expensive gift from a businessman under investigation for corruption.

Before everyone starts buying the "poor old Barry, he did the honourable thing" line, let's look at what actually happened and why his memory loss defence just doesn't stack up.

It is now accepted by O'Farrell that in 2011 he actually received a $3000 bottle of wine from Nick [...]

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Its Time For Labor To Revisit Its Relationship With Unions

Bill Shorten has made a commendable start in opening up the debate on the relationship between the Labor Party and unions. However, the proposed changes don't come anywhere near to breaking the grip that certain secretaries of affiliated unions have on the decision making processes in the ALP.

The case for historic and fundamental changes to the structure of the Labor Party is overwhelming - in part because the declining influence of unions in the workplace is in inverse [...]

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Abbott Government Slides Between Libertarian And Plain Old Conservative.

This piece was also posted in The Drum

Last week was a damaging one for Tony Abbott. Two events - his bungled attempt to retreat from our legal commitment to preventing certain racist utterances and his surprise announcement that imperial honours will be returned - could both damage him in the eyes of middle Australia over the longer term. They also demonstrate [...]

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Abbott's Real Agenda Takes Shape: Let the Market Decide Who Wins and Who Loses

Throughout his time as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was a notoriously elusive target. He knew that Labor's problems - most particularly it's internal divisions and an inability to sell a good fiscal story, despite managing a strong economy, meant that the focus was largely off him and on us.

The area where Abbott and his colleagues was most disciplined was on the detail of any market reforms he might pursue in government. Labor had won the 2007 election in large part because [...]

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2014 is shaping up to be a very tough year in politics – and even tougher for any individual or any sector reliant on government for financial assistance. Workers, farmers, pensioners, regional businesses and airline employees beware. The Abbott Government has shown itself to be more hard line than I had expected – particularly with its unapologetic decision to let Holden and Toyota depart our shores without attempting to save the car industry and the more than 20,000 people whose [...]

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