Bruce Hawker is a leading campaign manager with 30 years experience advising leaders in business and politics. As MD of Campaigns & Communications, Bruce manages crises and plans and executes communications campaigns.

Its Time For Labor To Revisit Its Relationship With Unions

Bill Shorten has made a commendable start in opening up the debate on the relationship between the Labor Party and unions. However, the proposed changes don't come anywhere near to breaking the grip that certain secretaries of affiliated unions have on the decision making processes in the ALP.

The case for historic and fundamental changes to the structure of the Labor Party is overwhelming - in part because the declining influence of unions in the workplace is in inverse [...]

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Burning Qantas in order to save it?

On Saturday afternoon, without any warning, tens of thousands of international and domestic Qantas passengers had their travel plans turned upside down. In Australia and at international terminals around the world, thousands of shocked, angry, inconvenienced and bewildered passengers were stranded.

Departure gates were filled with expectant travellers who were turned away. Already boarded aircraft were emptied. Some passengers were found accommodation. But on the whole, most [...]

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Lessons for Labor

Modern, democratic political parties in Europe and North America, like the Labour Party in the UK and Canada’s New Democratic Party, involve party members directly in the election of party leaders. In Canada, at least, this approach is working with the NDP increasing its membership and winning seats in the Canadian legislature. Political leadership is central to the success of a political party but the enduring strength of a party comes from the involvement and ideas of members and [...]

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Welcome to my blog. I will be using the blog to post my thoughts on events and issues in politics and society. I hope to encourage debate and discussion on subjects that are central to the advancement of progressive politics and progressive political parties. From time to time I’ll also invite others to contribute articles that add to the debate.

With this focus in mind and as the first post, I’ve penned some thoughts on the need to examine the [...]

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Labor must stop letting unionists run the show

Unions have played an integral part in the Labor Party since its inception in 1891. After 120 years however, serious stress fractures are appearing. The time has come to rethink the power exercised by unions within the ALP, which is something British Opposition Leader, Ed Miliband, says must happen within his Labour Party.

I do not question the importance of unions and I support them. Their 2007 campaign against Work Choices is reason enough for unions to be politically [...]

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