Bruce Hawker is a leading campaign manager with 30 years experience advising leaders in business and politics. As MD of Campaigns & Communications, Bruce manages crises and plans and executes communications campaigns.

Non-Compulsory Voting: Tell Newman He's Dreaming

Any serious plan by the city based Liberals in Queensland to abolish compulsory voting will not pass muster with the rural based Nationals who make up the other half of the LNP.

It could be argued that non-compulsory votingĀ  may give some very slight advantage to the conservatives in Brisbane electorates, although I doubt many people would enthusiastically go out to re-elect Newman with his slash and burn policies. The real killer though will be opposition from their rural [...]

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Massive Cuts to Health and Education: a Tale of Two Cities and One Party

I believe that it's healthy for people to have their support for a particular political party tested every now and then. Those who blindly follow a party or a cause and never question its direction do themselves no favours. Anyone who has read my blog or heard my public comments will know that from time to time I have quite a lot to say about how the Labor Party could lift its game. However, at the end of the day my concerns about Labor always seem so much less worrying than what the [...]

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1998 Queensland State Election: Enter Pauline Hanson

Over the last few days there has been an important debate about the need for Labor to distance itself from the Greens. History tells us that things can go terribly wrong when, in order to cling to office, a major political party enters into an alliance with a more extreme political party.

This is precisely what happened to the National/Liberal Government in Queensland in 1998.

The 1998 Queensland election was marked by two major events - the election of Peter [...]

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Campbell Newman and the pecuniary interests trap

I grew up in Queensland and watched the Bjelke-Petersen era end in disgrace. The Fitzgerald Royal Commission did important investigative work and a range of measures were introduced to restore public confidence in the integrity of government.

Among them was a public register of pecuniary interests for the Members of the Queensland Parliament - legislated in 1989. Pecuniary interest declaration requirements now apply to the entire public sector - including local government.
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