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Scott Morrison Targets the Wrong People by Demonising Asylum Seekers

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of travelling to Afghanistan with then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, where we met the troops and civilian aid workers at Tarin Kowt military base. Among the impressive group of soldiers I met, one stood out. The camp commander introduced me to a young Lieutenant - a university trained engineer. In many ways he was no different from the other young men and women I met that day - very bright, fit, disciplined, committed to creating a much better Afghanistan [...]

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Abbott's partisan politicking over refugees is heading for the rocks

This article originally appeared in The Australian.

Asylum-seekers, boatpeople, refugees, refos - they aren't a new phenomenon. After World War II more than 180,000 refugees were resettled here under the auspices of the International Refugee Organisation.

Later, following [...]

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