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Rudd is the Libs' sum of all fears

This article originally appeared in today's Daily Telegraph.

In recent days there has been a discernible rise in aggressive anti-Rudd rhetoric by those most concerned about a return to the Labor leadership by the former prime minister.

This is despite the fact that Kevin Rudd has made it clear there will be no [...]

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Let a Hundred Dams Fill; Let a Hundred Ideas Float Around: Will Tony Abbott's Big Policy Idea Sink Without a Trace?

“Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend” - Mao Zedong.

In 1956 Mao launched his “One Hundred Flowers” movement. Its stated purpose was to encourage more open debate in a regime which abhorred the idea of free thought. Unfortunately for Chinese liberals, the campaign took off just before the Hungarian uprising and after a short time this liberalisation campaign was abandoned. Those who had been naïve enough to think this [...]

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North Korea Unites the World- Against It

Third time lucky? The DPRK's third nuclear test and the international community's reaction delivers no surprises: but it's time for creativity and bravery in policy making toward North Korea writes guest blogger Dr Emma Campbell.

When I heard about the North’s nuclear test yesterday my heart sank. It was not a great surprise as ongoing activity around the detonation site suggested that a third test was in the offing but the DPRK government’s test [...]

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Men and Women of Australia: The Decline of Great Speech Making

The first time I voted in an election was 1974. Gough Whitlam was about to be re-elected just 18 months after his historic 1972 victory. Like most of my friends, I was keen to see Labor returned and was caught up in a suitably watered down Australian version of a personality cult as we pulled behind the  Whitlam Government. When I heard that he was going to address a midweek evening rally on Brisbane's north side, I had no hesitation in heading off to see the helmsman speak.

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Lincoln Opens in Australia: a Must See Movie

I wrote this blog reviewing Steven Spielberg’s film "Lincoln" when I was in the United States last November. Now that the film has opened in Australia I thought it appropriate to post this blog again as I think it is one of the best films I have ever seen. And I hope everyone interested in politics gets to see it.

As you’ll see from the blog, some things have already improved in America – we’ve edged away from the fiscal cliff, at least for the time [...]

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John Robertson Forces Changes on Factions

Yesterday, NSW Labor Leader John Robertson made an important speech entitled "A New Standard" where he announced important reforms to the way Labor organises itself in that State.

In it, he outlined plans to:

1. Require all MPs to disclose full details of their taxable income so that the public knows precisely the source of any income from business and other interests. Nor will they be able to hide money from public scrutiny by putting investments in the name [...]

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To Win, Labor Must Make Good Use of Its Best Weapon: Tony Abbott

This op-ed originally appeared in today's Daily Telegraph.

Australia's longest ever election campaign has kicked off and frankly, day two could not have been worse for Julia Gillard. The arrest of Central Coast MP, Craig Thomson, has only gone to reinforce Labor's bad image in NSW where the ICAC inquiry into Eddie Obeid and his family dominates daily news bulletins. The added problem for federal Labor is that the election will be won and lost in NSW - particularly [...]

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Gillard Announces Election Date for 14 September. Much Ado About Nothing?

Julia Gillard's early announcement of the election date - 14 September - is unprecedented in Australia. Because of this fact it has excited huge media interest. It certainly took me by surprise because the biggest tactical advantage incumbents have in elections is in not disclosing the date until the last minute. Now the Opposition can plan every aspect of its campaign right down to the political advertising placements in 7 months time. Usually oppositions are forced to plan for various [...]

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