Bruce Hawker is a leading campaign manager with 30 years experience advising leaders in business and politics. As MD of Campaigns & Communications, Bruce manages crises and plans and executes communications campaigns.

PMs should be allowed a dip into talent pool

This op-ed originally appeared in today's Australian

The Australian Institute of Company Directors ("Bring business into cabinet", The Australian, December 27) has made a welcome entry into the debate about how cabinets should be formed in Australia. Their call for constitutional changes to allow a broader representation in [...]

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The 40th Anniversary of the Whitlam Government's Recognition of China

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Whitlam Government's recognition of China. To mark that historic event the Whitlam Institute has produced an online exhibition entitled Whitlam and China.

December 1972 stands out in my memory like a beacon. As a 17 year old about to go to university, the excitement of a new beginning was further heightened by the election of the first Labor Government in 23 years. It is difficult to [...]

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Hockey Starts to Distance the Opposition from the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a great Labor initiative - it's up there with Medicare. It was also encouraging to see it being supported by the Opposition. That was until last night when Joe Hockey admitted in an interview on Sky that a Coalition Government would only implement the NDIS if it came with a "strong surplus".

In one sentence Hockey confirmed what I had been thinking for some time - that the Opposition was giving itself some wriggle room. With [...]

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Odd couple Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott trapped in a loveless political bind

This op-ed originally appeared in today's Daily Telegraph.

Last week's sitting of parliament was a morbidly fascinating experience.

As the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader tore at each other I was reminded of an old, unhappily married couple, barely able to stand the [...]

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