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Is Darwin Getting the US Troops Japan Rejected?

In early April the first contingent of about 200 US Marines from Hawaii arrived in Darwin. (See my previous blogs here and › more

Barry O'Farrell's first major political move was to trip over

This op-ed was originally published in The Daily Telegraph.

Until recently the O'Farrell government threatened to go through its first term completely unnoticed.

After 16 years in opposition it was hardly bursting at the seams with plans for NSW.

The Coalition [...]

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We Went All The Way With LBJ. Do We Have To Do The Same With Obama?

American news bulletins invariably carry a story about US troops being deployed to some trouble spot.

On a stopover in Hawaii yesterday I was watching the local TV news. It included a story about an Hawaii based US brigade about to be deployed overseas. What caught my attention was the fact that this 200 strong contingent of marines - an advance guard for a force of 2,500 soldiers - was heading to...Darwin.

The story candidly described how this military [...]

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