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Its Time For Labor To Revisit Its Relationship With Unions

Bill Shorten has made a commendable start in opening up the debate on the relationship between the Labor Party and unions. However, the proposed changes don't come anywhere near to breaking the grip that certain secretaries of affiliated unions have on the decision making processes in the ALP.

The case for historic and fundamental changes to the structure of the Labor Party is overwhelming - in part because the declining influence of unions in the workplace is in inverse [...]

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Photos of the Faceless Men

There’s been quite a lot of interest in my blog about Graham Freudenberg and the much publicised photo of Whitlam and Calwell waiting outside the Kingston hotel in 1963.

Stephen Holt recently co-authored with Ross Fitzgerald a book on Alan Reid, the famous Canberra correspondent for Frank Packer’s Daily Telegraph. It was [...]

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ALP national conferences: the more things change

This article was originally posted on The Drum.

Last week I had lunch with Graham Freudenberg. Few speechwriters rise above the necessary anonymity of their craft - Freudy is a notable exception.

Apart from being, in my view, Australia's greatest speechwriter, he is also a walking encyclopedia of post-war Labor history. He has been close to the centre of many great and sometimes devastating [...]

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