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Labor Can Avoid Abbott's Carbon Tax Trap by Supporting an Emissions Trading Scheme

The debate over whether Labor should stand in the way of the Abbott Government and block any moves to abolish the Carbon Tax is based on the false premise that it is Labor policy to support a Carbon Tax. In fact, Labor's policy is to support an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Both the Carbon Tax and the ETS are based on the principle that there should be a price on carbon to slow down the reliance on climate change inducing fossil fuels. However, the ETS is an international scheme which [...]

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Labor tradition and the environment

By Graeme Wedderburn

The master class of long term Labor leaders from the 1990s and the first decade of this century have today released a statement on sustainability and climate change.

The statement is signed by former Premiers Bob Carr, Steve Bracks, Peter Beattie, Geoff Gallop and Mike Rann.  Former Territory leaders Clare Martin and John Stanhope have signed it too.

The leaders’ statement is a defence of the environment, [...]

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