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Global Warming: Let's Leave it to the Climate Scientists not the Climate Fundamentalists

Back in the 1925 in the town of Dayton, Tennessee, a young science teacher named John Scopes was charged with the offence of teaching the theory of evolution in a secondary school. In doing so he had committed an offence against a law enacted by the creationists who controlled the Tennessee legislature.

The subsequent prosecution, popularly known as the "Scopes Monkey Trial", highlighted the clash between scientific inquiry and [...]

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Labor tradition and the environment

By Graeme Wedderburn

The master class of long term Labor leaders from the 1990s and the first decade of this century have today released a statement on sustainability and climate change.

The statement is signed by former Premiers Bob Carr, Steve Bracks, Peter Beattie, Geoff Gallop and Mike Rann.  Former Territory leaders Clare Martin and John Stanhope have signed it too.

The leaders’ statement is a defence of the environment, [...]

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The bitter sweet taste for Labor on carbon tax win

After four long years, the Australian Parliament has finally passed legislation to put a price on carbon emissions.

So, congratulations to the Gillard Government for pressing ahead with this significant reform to the Australian economy and for demonstrating a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia now joins many other nations operating with a carbon tax and joins an even longer list of countries participating in emissions trading schemes, [...]

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