Bruce Hawker is a leading campaign manager with 30 years experience advising leaders in business and politics. As MD of Campaigns & Communications, Bruce manages crises and plans and executes communications campaigns.

Why Has the Abbott Opposition Gone Backwards so Quickly?

The drop in support for the Abbott Opposition and the corresponding rise in the Government's number is remarkable - but the big question is whether it can be sustained. According to Newspoll, in the last five months support for the Opposition has fallen by nearly 10 percent and Tony Abbott's preferred PM rating has slipped significantly behind Gillard 46 – 32%. This puts both Labor and the Coalition on 50%. Nielsen has Labor on 47% and the Coalition on 53%.

I don't believe [...]

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The rise and rise of the Super PAC

By Guest Blogger Chloe Bennett

The upcoming US Presidential election is the first since the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling opened the door for unlimited campaign spending by corporations, wealthy individuals and unions.

Super PACs can now raise unlimited funds to spend on political advertising in support of, or in opposition to, a political [...]

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Massive Cuts to Health and Education: a Tale of Two Cities and One Party

I believe that it's healthy for people to have their support for a particular political party tested every now and then. Those who blindly follow a party or a cause and never question its direction do themselves no favours. Anyone who has read my blog or heard my public comments will know that from time to time I have quite a lot to say about how the Labor Party could lift its game. However, at the end of the day my concerns about Labor always seem so much less worrying than what the [...]

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