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Abbott's partisan politicking over refugees is heading for the rocks

This article originally appeared in The Australian.

Asylum-seekers, boatpeople, refugees, refos - they aren't a new phenomenon. After World War II more than 180,000 refugees were resettled here under the auspices of the International Refugee Organisation.

Later, following [...]

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North Korea: What Might Happen Now?

By guest blogger Dr Emma Campbell, Department of Political and Social Change, Australian National University.

Emma is a Korea expert and has travelled to North Korea twice and is therefore one of a very small number of people who can speak on North Korea from personal experience. Given the significance of the death of Kim Jong-il a Korea expert's perspective will be of interest to readers of this blog. She has just finished her PhD on Korea at ANU and is [...]

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Doing it PNG style: the answer for Australian politics

This article was originally posted on The Drum.

When Australian political parties are looking to innovate they invariably turn to Britain and the Americans for guidance or precedent.

This week Prime Minister Gillard was performing that complicated manoeuvre – the Westminster reshuffle - in an apparent attempt to stave off a leadership challenge from Kevin Rudd. But rather than [...]

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Premier starting to question his own ideas

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell started last week saying he thought the Chairman of Infrastructure NSW, “Nick Greiner’s had better ideas” when he floated a citizens’ jury of 100 people to choose transport projects for Sydney and decide how they should be funded.

Now I’m convinced that the Premier himself has had better ideas than to create a new transport bureaucracy and appoint the former Liberal Premier to head it up.

New transport infrastructure is [...]

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Little wonder bank bashing is the national sport

For how long are the big four banks going to keep playing us for mugs?

When the Reserve Bank of Australia last recommended an increase in rates in November 2010, the big four banks were like rats down a drain pipe. They didn’t hesitate to whack them up - far above the RBA’s 25 point increase – angering their customers and political [...]

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Photos of the Faceless Men

There’s been quite a lot of interest in my blog about Graham Freudenberg and the much publicised photo of Whitlam and Calwell waiting outside the Kingston hotel in 1963.

Stephen Holt recently co-authored with Ross Fitzgerald a book on Alan Reid, the famous Canberra correspondent for Frank Packer’s Daily Telegraph. It was [...]

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ALP national conferences: the more things change

This article was originally posted on The Drum.

Last week I had lunch with Graham Freudenberg. Few speechwriters rise above the necessary anonymity of their craft - Freudy is a notable exception.

Apart from being, in my view, Australia's greatest speechwriter, he is also a walking encyclopedia of post-war Labor history. He has been close to the centre of many great and sometimes devastating [...]

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